New 20-peso bill will stop circulating: Banxico


The new 20-peso bill that was presented in September 2021 by the Bank of Mexico will stop circulatingas confirmed by General Director of Issuance and Chief Cashier of BanxicoAlejandro Alegre, due to a change of plans by the Institution.

Officially, the new 20-peso bill will disappear by 2025considered the most beautiful banknote in Latin America in 2021.

The famous 20-peso bill was presented on the occasion of the bicentennial of the Consummation of Independencebeing the first ticket that has a mixed design, horizontal on the front and vertical on its back.

Also, it is illustrated with the entrance of the Trigarante Army to Mexico Cityan event that was recorded on September 27, 1821. While on the reverse, the design of a mangrove is presented with the Mexican crocodile, the chocolate heron and the red mangrove of the Sian Ka’an Biosphere Reserve.

20 pesos bill with commemorative design

For this reason the new 20 peso bill will disappear

In 2018, Alejandro Alegre mentioned that the new 20-peso bill would possibly be the last to be manufactured. with this name, since the Bank of Mexico plans to use only 20-peso coins.

“The idea is to move forward in migrating to having fewer 20 bills and gradually replace them only with coins,” said Banxico’s General Director of Issuance and Chief Cashier.

Now, it has become a reality, since the new 20-peso bill will stop circulating and will be replaced by a coin of the same denomination.

Currently, 688 million 20-peso bills continue to circulate, blue with the design of Benito Juárez on the front, and some 300 million pieces of the new 20-peso bill that the Trigarante Army has.

The most beautiful bill in Latin America

And if that was not enough, the new 20-peso bill won the prize for the most beautiful bill in Latin Americain the category of Best New Commemorative Banknote in Latin America, which was granted by the company High Security Printing (HSP).


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