Netflix’s serious mistake in the presentation trailer

The Netflix platform has released the trailer for the documentary called “América vs América”, in which the greatness of the most important team in Mexican soccer is portrayed, with a review of its historical figures and achievements, but there seems to be an error in the choice of images.

At the beginning of the piece, several former members of the Águilas appear in moments of celebration, such as Enrique Borja, Alfredo Tena, Cuauhtémoc Blanco and Jorge Vieira, but there is an image that attracts attention.

In the second 8, Oswaldo Sánchez appears in full celebration of a goal and yes, the exporter and today television analyst played in America, but the image corresponds to his time as an idol of Guadalajara.

There are several reasons to check it out. The most important is the sweater you wear. It is red and with his name (Oswaldo) on the back. During his time with the Eagles, Sánchez never wore red (he almost always wore black or gray) and did not use to put his name on the uniform, he already did that with the Chivas.

The other is the celebration that can be seen in the stands, which is from Atletico fans.

The image does correspond to a Classic of classics, but Sánchez just celebrates a goal against America.

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