Neither Ochoa, nor Acevedo, the best goalkeeper of the Tri according to Manuel Neuer

Manuel Neuer / Guillermo Ochoa
Manuel Neuer / Guillermo Ochoa


Talk about Manuel Neuer is to talk about one of the best goalkeepers that have been seen in world football. His great performances within the Bayern Munich They have made him look like an incredible goalkeeper, because just as he has performed as a great saver, he has also excelled with his feet, being a good passer.

Champion of the World Cup, the Champions League and every championship he has been able to play in, Neuer has been an influential voice in football, especially when it comes to goalkeepers. In this case I am talking about the one who for him is the best goalkeeper in the Mexican teampraising him as a “Super goalkeeper”

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We are talking about Jorge fields, to whom the German goalkeeper has praised in an interview conducted by Fernando Schwartz: “Campos was crazy, but in a positive way. He was a super goalkeeper who always wore very nice uniforms ”also highlighting the way he dressed.

I also dedicate words of admiration to Ochoa

Although the qualifications towards William Ochoa were not as great as those of Jorge Campos, Neuer also highlighted the enormous talent of the American: “Memo is a super player, that is clear and we have had contact, I always like to see him and play against him, with Mexico he has always had performances very solid in all competitions”

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