Microsoft responds to Sony regarding its complaints with Call of Duty

The Activision Blizzard King purchase is in full swing. The different antitrust commissions are at the gates of drafting and publishing their verdict and some of them, like the Brazilian one, are consulting other companies about the implications of their purchase by Microsoft.

Thus, as we have been detailing, companies such as Ubisoft, Warner Bross and many others have given their opinion on the merger and services of those from Redmond, with Xbox Game Pass. Of course, Sony has been one of those consulted and one of those whose answers are giving people something to talk about. Not surprisingly, the Japanese company has revealed that if the purchase is confirmed, the risk of Xbox having a monopoly on shooters and FPS experiences is real, since there is no developer that can compete or create a similar title. .

Microsoft’s response has not been long in coming, as was logical, and those of Redmond have answered forcefully and with data, how could it be otherwise.

Call of Duty cannot be pigeonholed into a single genre according to Microsoft

In a new document presented by those from Redmond to CADE, the company’s representatives have clarified to the Brazilian antitrust authority that the acquisition of Activision Blizzard King would not entail the risk of a shooter monopoly. And to prove it they have presented two tests. One of them is a long list of titles that belong to the same genre as Call of Duty. All of them successful titles and demanded by users and that includes games of the stature of Apex Legends, Titanfall, Rainbow Six Siege, Far Cry, Valorant, Battlefield, the Borderlands saga and even Destiny, which coincidences of life is now owned by Sony .

The second is that Call of Duty cannot and should not be considered the “ultimate fps” since there is great heterogeneity within the genre. To demonstrate this, Microsoft points to two very different cases: Deathloop, developed by Bethesda and exclusive to the PlayStation platform on consoles, and Minecraft. Regarding the first, they point out that the label of “first person shooter” seems to fall far short of describing the gameplay of Arkane Lyon’s title.

Regarding Minecraft, they point out that the great variety of terms and labels used to describe it stands out: “creation and survival title”, “action adventure experience” or the most used and canonical “open world” either “sandbox”.

With this, from Microsoft they believe that even Call of Duty is impossible to pigeonhole into a single reference genre. And in addition, there will continue to be other types of equally ambitious and different proposals on the market.

Microsoft responds to Sony regarding its complaints with Call of Duty - Microsoft comes to the fore to respond to Sony for its monopoly statements for the purchase of Activision and the Call of Duty license.

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