Medical students walked out of their graduation in protest of a doctor’s anti-abortion speech

This July 24, some medical students from the University of Michigan got up from their seats and left the auditorium where their graduation was being held. The reason? Anti-abortion doctor Kristin Collier was to give a speech during the ceremony.

Collier is a professor at the University of Michigan and directs the medicine program at the same institution on spirituality, religion and health.

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After the cSupreme Court of the United States will eliminate the right to free termination of pregnancy in the country, The doctor began to actively participate in social networks and discussion boards where she clearly demonstrated her anti-abortion position.

A few weeks ago, medical students who were about to graduate learned that Dr. Kristin Collier would be in charge of giving a speech at their graduation. This news was not entirely pleasant for most of the students.

For this reason, the future doctors made a request to the University of Michigan entitled: ‘UMMS students and alumni demand an alternative speaker in a white coat.’

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In the text, the students reflect their disagreement that a person who has made publications and comments contrary to the right to decide was the one who gave the speech at their graduation. More than 90% of the students were against Collier’s presence at the ceremony.

“We demand that UM stand in solidarity with us and select a speaker whose values ​​align with institutional policies, students, and the broader medical community. This speaker should inspire the next generation of healthcare providers to be courageous advocates for patient empowerment and our communities.”says the text.

The petition was signed by 100 incoming students, 248 current students, and 72 alumni.

Medical students abandoned their graduation in protest

Although the request was supported by a large part of the students, the request was denied and Dr. Kristin Collier was ratified by the university as the professor in charge of giving the motivational speech to the new doctors.

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However, as soon as the doctor was announced over the auditorium’s loudspeakers, medical students got up from their seats and left the place in protest.

The event was recorded on video by several of those attending the graduation. At the moment, the doctor has not publicly referred to the subject.

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