Medical intern speaks social service stay Durango community

Adriana Berenice García López was assigned to perform her social service in the Rural Medical Unit (UMR) No. 140 of the Mexican Social Security Institute (IMSS), from the town of Unión y Progreso, or better known as The churches Of the municipality of Gold

The community of 278 inhabitants is nestled in the Sierra de Durango, and to get there from the state capital takes four and a half hours, of which two are a winding road, which can only be traveled through a vehicle. all terrain.

At the end of the five years of the academic process, students must complete one year of internship and after finishing this period, they receive their release and then start with the Social service, which they must also do in a year. From Internal Undergraduate Physicians (MIP) they become Intern Physicians of the Social Service (MPSS).

García López completed the academic process of the Faculty of Health Sciences (FACSA) of the Juarez University of the State of Durango (UJED) in December 2020 and later entered a hospital for his internship. During that year she was in different areas such as gynecology, surgery, internal medicine, pediatrics, emergency medicine and family medicine, and it was during that period of time that she claims she had further development compared to the months he was doing his social work.

February 2, 2022 arrived as a medical intern to the community of The Churches, in Durangopbut also directly as the doctor responsible for the Rural Medical Unit, and although two basic nurses were under her orders, she was in charge of all the services provided, receiving only the scholarship of compensation.

“In the Rural Medicine Unit where I was, theoretically, first-level care is provided, from a headache, maybe colitis, migraine, or more complex processes such as someone with a broken head, a splint, all of that, but theoretically, why really Well, the unit I’m in doesn’t have much material, or anything”.

The unit is not so small, at the entrance there is the traditional path with small trees, inside it there is an office, the waiting room, for bedridden patients and the examination room, but it also houses different areas, such as the Center for Care and Prevention for Adolescents.

Uncertainty from arrival

Arriving I didn’t knowa where was he going to stay or spend the night, because the speed of the venue allocation process is a limitation to get organized and when they arrive they already know the place where they will live for a year.

For example, she obtained the headquarters of the Social Service on Tuesday and by Friday she had to go to the sub-delegation of Durango capital for the delivery of stationery and the signing of the contract, through which social work agreements are established such as the period of time, the scholarship or compensation they will receive and the responsibility they will have. Later they send her to the coordination of IMSS with an advisor.

explained whate Durango is divided by zones and she belongs to zone number 4 where an advisor in charge should tell them how to get there, how to get around and where they will live, however in her case she was unlucky because her advisor covers vacations.

“And when I arrive I tell him that I got the Las Iglesias community, but on the map it shows that it’s via Rodeo and that it’s six hours; she tells me that ‘there is no road there, but the truth is I don’t know because I don’t know the unit’. I told her that she was going to send to a place where she didn’t even know and she told me ‘well, ask’, “and so she did it.

They explained to him that to get to Las Iglesias he had to first get to Durango capital and from there take another truck that belongs to the ranchera line to Nuevo Ideal, and in Nuevo Ideal you have to wait because there is no route that goes to the mountains.

That day, the adviser told her that the only thing she could do is send her the number of the nurse there, because in the Rural Medicine Units the ones who are permanent and have a contract are the nurses, in general in those communities they look for people from there so that there is no problem.

“Then I contacted the nurse and she told me, ‘well, come on,’ you tell me when you leave Durango because that’s what we more or less do from the mountains to Nuevo Ideal, and if that’s how it turned out. I arrived on February 2, because on February 1 they gave us an induction course, I arrived in the mountains at almost 2:00 in the afternoon”.

It did not have basic services or electricity; they broke the spotlights

The place where I would sleep in a year was a room next to the clinic, where there was a bed but no mattress but mattressand although they should have the basics such as a boiler, gas, a stove or grill, I did not have it, even the water service was also irregular, because in periods of time there was not, he also had to buy light bulbs because they were constantly breaking.

“At first it was very good, but at night it was when it was more complicated for me, because there were no lights outside, and the security of the little room was a grid half my size, but also in my room the window had no glass”

Remember that although he did not experience a situation of insecurity as such, if there was an occasion that he was very afraid precisely because of the unprotected place, because in the early morning they came to touch him and after half an hour, in the end the voice of a well-known woman was heard and went to open the door for him.

In addition to the inconveniences he faced during his stay, another problem was thein the absence of supplies, this despite the fact that only primary care was provided, such as common ailments such as colds.

But not only was in charge of the Rural Medicine Unit, but it also had to cover care goals established by the IMSS itself, and because this locality is very small, it had to move to nearby towns, even with a greater delay to meet the monthly goals, on which the arrival of resources depends and medicines.

“To give you a resource to the Rural Medicine Unit, 278 inhabitants is very little, so it would not work out for the Institute and what they do in these cases where there are units with very little population, they put other smaller populations to gather the inhabitants minimum that are needed

In his case he had three; Casas Blancas Barraza and Ciénega, where i had to go every two months to provide the consultation to achieve the goalsand to move he had to travel an hour between each town.

People are used to the presence of armed men

The intern doctor returned to Gómez Palacio where she lives with her parents every fifteen days, and took advantage of her visit to take the food she would need because it was difficult to obtain these supplies, only if she went to Nuevo Ideal.

Also another of the aspects that stood out about his stay in Las Iglesias, was the presence of armed men, situation that for the inhabitants is very common, however “strange actions” were observed and although for the locals it was very usual, for her they were situations that alerted her.

He lasted around four months in Las Iglesias, and it was thanks to the mobilization of intern doctors that he managed to change places to carry out his Social Service.

After the murder of Erick Andrade Ramírez on July 15 in El Salto, Pueblo Nuevo Durango, medical interns from different medical schools in the country, manifestn to demand better conditions in the places where they have to do social work, with compliance with the Mexican Official Standard NOM-009-SSA2-2013. Due to these movements, many intern doctors suspended their social service and threatened with implementing a protectionnevertheless An agreement was reached between medical students and the authorities.

It was last Monday, August 01, when Adriana Berenic García López returned to perform her Social Service, but now in the town of Rodeo, where she will be in eThe General Hospitalwith better conditions and mainly where she feels she can develop more as a doctor.


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