Maribel Guardia teaches how high-waisted pants should be worn at 63 and shows off her curves

Maribel Guardia, actress, singer, television host, and television personality Instagram Costa Rican undoubtedly knows how to show off her impressive figure at 63 years old. After participating in several plays and various film castings, the artist managed to venture into the Mexican cinema of the time, debuting as an actress in the film “Como México no hay dos” in 1981.

The film career of Maribel It was on the rise since then and managed to obtain “La Diosa de Plata” as the best leading actress in Mexico in the 1985 film “Terror and black lace” directed by Luis Alcoriza. This success again caught the attention of the Televisa company, which hired her as an exclusive artist to star in several soap operas, the first of them “Seduction” in 1986, which was followed by many others, including some for children. Currently Maribel Guardia He is extremely popular on Instagram as he has almost 8 million followers.

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