“Leave at the first cry!” Miss Hidalgo denounces physical and verbal violence from her ex-partner

Pachuca.- Alejandra Suarez, miss Hidalgo 2021accused his ex-partner Juan Carlos Oseguera Martínez of physical and verbal violenceand held him responsible for any damage he may suffer from the complaint made on social networks and before the authorities.

“I never imagined having to tell something so horrible, but the violence has to stop now,” Alejandra said in a statement posted on her Facebook profile.

She emphasized that for several months she was a victim of violence by being manipulated, insulted and humiliated, until she received blows from Juan Carlos Oseguera.

She said that her partner also alienated her from all her friends and family.

He said that for a long time he refused to talk about the violence he experienced due to the threats he constantly received from his ex-partner, whom he described as extremely aggressive and violent.

“Leave at the first shout, at the first insult, at the first blow. Run away and report,” she wrote.

He held Oseguera Martínez responsible for any damage he may suffer from this complaint and said that the investigation folder is already before the authorities.

She indicated that the violence has to stop and women cannot be allowed to be treated as objects and property.

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