José Ramón Fernández throws a tantrum and “assaults” Jorge Pietrasanta

José Ramón Fernández again caused controversy during a live program of ESPN; where he got into a heated debate with Jorge Pietrasanta while they talked about the Águilas del América.

And it is that Jorge Pietrasanta assured that the Águilas del América will overcome their bad moment in the 2022 Opening of the MX League, at the time that they highlighted the tie against the champion of the UEFA champions leaguethe real Madrid.

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This was not well taken by the former boss of TV Azteca, who minimized the result of the Águilas del América, assuring that if Real Madrid had wanted, they would thrash those from Coapa; “If they had really put pressure on, they would beat America.”

Jorge Pietrasanta’s response was immediate, “Then, then you turn on,” said the former Televisa who later received a blow from a pen thrown by José Ramón, “They touch Real Madrid and you go crazy, José Ramón,” he added.

Jose Ramón Fernández continued talking about Real Madrid, since for the ESPN communicator, they are not a parameter for the Águilas del América, since it was only a preseason game.

“Why do you get angry and throw feathers? Why do you throw a tantrum?” Pietrasanta added.

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