José Juan says goodbye to Chivas and explodes against Amaury Vergara

Amaury Vergara's decisions with Chivas
Amaury Vergara’s decisions with Chivas

After 40 years being the Chiva Loca (1983-2022), this Saturday, July 30, José Juan Jiménez said goodbye to being the official botarga of the Guadalajara team and to the surprise of the Atletico fans, it was Chiva Loca herself, who explained the reasons for which he left the club adding fuel to the fire after a tie with Pachuca.

Through social networks José Juan explained to the fans what was the real reason for his departure from the club, making it clear that it had not been of his own free will to leave the Chiva Loca character, but by decision of its current owner Amaury Vergara and his council made up of a large part of his family arousing more controversy against the leader.

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This news increased the annoyance on the part of the fans against the decisions made by Amaury Vergara, who at the end of the match against the Tuzos del Pachuca, demonstrated asking him to think about selling the club since after 3 years since he took The team has only been embarrassed that the chivahermanos have experienced.

What will happen to the future of Chivas and its leader?

After the poor results, the fans finishing the match at Akron and on social networks protested against Amaury asking him to consider selling the team this gaining more and more strength with the dismissal of the Chiva Loca, and it’s not just the chivahermanos Those who advise the owner on the sale of the club are also former players and the media who gave their opinion.

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