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The platform PLAYBOARD updated their listings revealing that the franchise’s official YouTube channel Jashin-chan Dropkick (Dropkick On My Devil!) had the highest growth in terms of number of views during the month of July 2022, with more than 28.28 million accumulated views during the period, in addition to more than 650 thousand accumulated likes.

Jashin-chan Dropkick

For some reason, PLAYBOARD puts this channel in the “VTuber” category, even though the channel does not do live broadcasts and only posts segments of the third season’s aired episodes right after they air in Japan. However, this helps us to see that it surpassed the growth of VTubers as Hyakumantenbara Salome of NIJISANJIwhich had more than 16.31 million views; Kobo Kanaeru of Hololive Production-ID, which had more than 12.70 million views; Y Used Pekora of Holo Live Productionwhich had over 12.75 million views (but fewer likes than Kanaeru).

In fact, if we review the channel a little more thoroughly, we will find some videos where the characters Jashin-chan, Yurine Hanazono Y Pekora They were the protagonists with their designs, which counts as “being a VTuber”. For example, in the following video from March 2019, Pekora’s voice actress did a video game session of Resident Evil 2 Remake.

Synopsis for Jashin-chan Dropkick

The demon Jashin-chan has been summoned to Earth by Yurine Hanazono, a girl with a gift for the occult. Unfortunately, Yurine doesn’t really know how to send Jashin-chan back to hell. Now stuck on Earth, she must live in Yurine’s apartment as her familiar. The only way for Jashin-chan to return would be to kill her summoner, but that’s easier said than done for the incompetent demoness. Since Jashin-chan is immortal and can regenerate her body, Yurine doesn’t hold back from attacking her with a variety of weapons, punishing her in horrible ways for her evil plans. Jashin-chan is also often visited by her demon friends: the good-natured Gorgon Medusa and the energetic minotaur Minosu, who seem much more polite in contrast, and disapprove of her plans to kill Yurine.

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