In Lienzo Charro de la Villa they hang and kick a puppy; Charros group responds

A puppy was hanged and kicked by two alleged charros in CDMX. Photo: Getty/Illustrative

After a video will circulate where you can see the animal abuse of two alleged charros towards a puppy in Mexico City (CDMX), apparently, in the presence of a minorthe Group of Regional Charros de la Villa responded to those who point it out as guilty.

This was the mistreatment of the puppy by two alleged charros

In the video broadcast on social networks, which apparently occurred in the Canvas Charro de la Villa, you can see how a man hangs a puppy, which, tied by the neck, turns; a second subject is also seen hanging him and, although there are other people, no one intercedes by the small dog, because, in addition, the first subject kicks him.


The subject he again slings the dog’s neck and lifts it up into the air, hanging it before the eyes of a possible minor, after which a second man hangs it as well and, after lifting it up by the neck, without anyone intervene, they kick him and smash him into the treesbefore which the defenseless animal is lying on the pavement.

The abuse is so much that, even when the puppy is already lying down, inert and unconscious from the brutal abuse of the two supposed charros, they still kick him and pull him by the neck before the eyes of a child.

Citizenship asks for justice for the puppies

Although the actions of this animal abuse would have occurred in mid-July against two puppies that inhabit the facilities of the placeafter the recent circulation of the images and the request for justice for the dogs from netizens and citizens of the capital, the The Association of Regional Charros de la Villa responded that it was willing to collaborate 100% with the authorities so that this animal abuse is punished.

  • The outrage of the public has been such that, They have even called on networks to boycott all the acts of this group of charros and have asked the authorities to find those responsible and that they be given the corresponding penalty.

This is how the Charros Association responded

“We are aware of such a situation and we totally disapprove of it. These people do not represent us as a group, as charros and much less as people. We are willing to collaborate 100% with the authorities.”

Group of Regional Charros of Villa AC

Also, They stressed that the puppies, although two dogs would have been attacked, were given medical attention and are fine.

“The attacked dogs are part of us, after that, they were given medical attention and fortunately they are in perfect condition.”

Group of Regional Charros of Villa AC

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