“I think you already had your tickets”

After the journalist Reyna Haydee Ramirez attended the morning of July 21, where she denounced threats for the questions she asked at the National Palace, President Andrés Manuel López Obrador denied that his government persecuted her.

at your conference this wednesday morning in the National Palace, López Obrador also commented that the independent journalist “was already processing the process of going to Spain” and even informed him that “he already had his tickets”.

“We are respectful of the freedom of expressionof freedom in general. Since that day that he was here, that they can even reproduce the dialogue that was presented, leaving, I already knew, they informed me that he was already processing to go to Spain.

“That is, before, when he came here he already knew that he was going to go to Spain, I think he already had his tickets,” said President López Obrador.

“You can come as many times as you want, there is no problem, and I repeat, we are not the same. Our government does not repress even if they want to invent things, because they would very much like to be able to say ‘everyone is the same’. No, we are not the same!

“We condemn the repression, we are not accomplices of the repressors, we are not silent in the face of torture, in the face of massacres, there is no impunity, that is why we have moral authority, and as many times as we are going to remember it,” he added.

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On your side, Elizabeth Garcia Vilchisa reader of the “who’s who in the lies of the week” section, gave a “precision” about the independent journalist: “She is currently in Barcelona”.

“We absolutely deny, from this space, that he is being persecuted or that he is being censored. As the President said, he is welcome as many times as he wants to attend this press conference and in this Government all his demands will be met”, said García Vilchis.

The reader of “the lies of the week” presented images of the journalist with the title: “In Barcelona scholarship, it is said persecuted.”


“You prefer praise”

The journalist Reyna Haydee Ramírez denounced in the morning of July 21 that she has been threatened for the questions she asks President López Obrador and revealed that she had to protect herself to have access once or twice a month to the morning conference at the National Palace.

“There are threats since 2020 and there are recent ones, and a local Prosecutor’s Office is dealing with them. That is a point that I hope that one day they will solve it, in the meantime I take it as a personal matter. But I treat it here because it has to do with you, with this conference.

“I have been a reporter for almost 30 years and we assume that these threats come from either your supporters or your opponents, one of two (…) And I say this with all due respect President, because you here have reviled, you have stigmatized journalists, almost all He dedicates himself to that every day,” said Ramírez in the Treasury Room.

Ramírez also claimed López Obrador because his attendance was limited to the morning, so he had to take cover to be able to ask questions.

“You know that I have an injunction, that it is under review, that by the way Judge Dinorah Hernández Jiménez considers that freedom of expression is not being violated, that they are not censoring me.

“But that you do not censor, that you punish. So, ‘what they have done to you are punishments of not letting you in for almost all of 2021, that is, for two months, three months.’ To no one, Jesús (Ramírez) He already recognized me, no one has been punished for three months, no one, “he added.

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The journalist from Sonora pointed out that if there were democracy in the morning, she would enter every day, not once a month or twice.

“If there was a democracy, places would not be reserved for some reporters. You would give him—everyone here, there are 20 spaces—you would give him the floor, we would all have the right to speak once a week; but no, because you prefer praise, President, and excuse me for saying so,” Reyna Haydee Ramírez told López Obrador.

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