“Garbage bag” with a Balenciaga label costs 36 thousand pesos

  • Design is essential in clothing. Marks of Brand Finance has climbed in its estimated value, thanks to the design of its products.

  • GWI Y data report They are clear in noting the reasons for entering social networks, where a large part of the conversation takes place around the fashion products that are measured.

  • Altian measured the types of engagement about luxury consumers on social networks.

surprised with a new design bag and its appearance with a design similar to the garbage bagsurprised with a cost of 36 thousand pesos.

Balenciaga is one of the leading brands in appearl and the high cost of its garments have consolidated a strategy that brands such as Vuitton Y gucci used to establish themselves in the industry, according to a measurement of Brand Finance.

Seen in detail, there is an interesting phenomenon in the sale of clothing, where the formula of the fast fashion gave in to him sports clothing and luxury.

The study of Brand Finance placed to Nike as a signature with value of 33 thousand 176 million dollars, in the first place; while louis Vuitton occupies the second position, with a value of 23 thousand 426 million dollars.

The appearance of the French brand in a clothing sales list shows the impact that luxury brands have, thanks to the designs of their garments.

gucci occupies the third position with a brand value of $18.11 billion and in social networks there are trends that have been intensely replicated, alluding to the designs of their garments and even to the competition for having the largest number of products of this brand.

The success of these brands is based on the design and the virality they provoke on social networks. A 29 percent of network users consulted in a study led globally by GWI Y data report, the reasons for entering social networks were studied. That group confessed to doing it to see what was being talked about on these platforms.

Design thought for virality

Virality is a crucial phenomenon for brand recognition and, to achieve this, a good product puts its faith in the design with which it is created to become the most demanded. There are practical cases that argue this until the last punctuation mark with which it is detailed.

Undoubtedly there are bets that have been made based on the conversation around the interest that exists in the consumer in front of key personalities such as influencers.

This is alluded to by cases like kim kardashianbecoming a key personality to publicize a brand increasingly interested in the capacity of consumption.

As expected, in front of these resources there are general activities that help to understand what works and what does not work on social networks, where the consumer profile of luxury brands has made important confessions.

A research of Altian he found the ones he considered, were the main types of engagement with marks. The 63 percent said follow a brand, 53 percent said they like or recommend a brand to their friends, and a 38 percent said he follows a influencer networking.

These activities outline key roles that have opted for an overall behavior in the consumer, such as deciding to buy a “garbage bag” at an estimated cost of 36 thousand pesos.

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