Fit? Try the exercises of the birthday test

    We know that from the age of 40 gaining muscle is complicated for men due to sarcopenia. We are also aware that after two decades flexibility barely has a certain margin of profit. However, can we know if we are fit? A study established that if you are able to complete 40 push-ups, you are in good heart, but the expert Carlos Balsalobre has established “a stupid tradition” for himself that could be a good reference for the rest.

    Carlos Balsalobre is researcher in Sports Sciences at the Autonomous University of Madrid and trainer of several professional athletes. In addition, he is one of those athletes who likes to combine the joy of physical exercise with some challenges beyond laboratory measures. And while he endorses the My Jump Lab, a suite of scientific performance-measuring apps, he also understands that there are other, less academic options for how fit you are.

    For his birthday, Carlos Balsalobre has shared with his Twitter followers what he considers “a stupid tradition” although it is a good challenge. For each year you have completed you must complete the same number of squats, chest dips and pull-ups. You can rest in the series, as you can see in the video that you have shared on social networks, but you are able to complete it because you have the necessary resistance and strength. It is a good thermometer of the moment in which each one is in the present.

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    Of course, the great difficulty comes when they are old, as the expert has recognized. “That’s where the fun is. It’s my special aging test“, the researcher pointed out to someone who asked him if he will be able to complete it with 60 years. “The moment I can’t do it I’ll officially be an old man.. It’s my special aging test. I will have to validate it”, Carlos Balsalobre joked in one of the answers, although with a certain truth.

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