Fan shouted at fighter Hiedra ‘sit on my face’Halftime

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attend the wrestling shows is usually cathartic for fanssince they usually take advantage of overwhelmed emotions to express themselves as they wish, although something like what was experienced in Acapulco over the weekend is difficult to match.

It turns out that a fan who identifies himself on Facebook as Álvarez Chéver was encouraged to express his love for the fighter Hiedra -which has a large group of fans- but in a suburban way that sparked laughter among those who attended the show at the Coliseum Arena in that city.

While fighting alongside Mercury and Uranus to face Lady Shani, Falcón Jr. and Princesa Azul, from the stands a “Ivy, sit on my face my love, sit on my face!”just when there was a great silence.

That reason led to the fighter will clearly hear the messageso that was encouraged to interact with the follower asking him if he had money, and in return he closed with another peculiar compliment.

What did Ivy reply?

The gladiator, who does not usually blush to interact with teammates and fans, shared the video on their social networks next to the short comment: “I’m the queen for a reason, how I love to make a scandal”.

Álvarez Chéver assured that he received his reward, in addition to detailing that traveled from the State of Mexico to Acapulco to see his beloved fighter perform.

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