Dulce María shared her mourning with heartbreaking words: “Sometimes there is no more time”

Photo: @dulcemaria
Photo: @dulcemaria

Sweet Maria and his family they are in mourningbecause during the last hours the member of RBD shared some terrible news: one of his closest relatives lost his life. So he not only decided to share with his millions of followers the duel he lives, but also dedicated some heartbreaking words that have generated reaction from celebrities and fans.

In a publication where she shared images of her uncle Sergio in her youth, the singer expressed her pain with a letter that, although it has a very nostalgic message, has also shown her ability to write, for which, in addition to condolences, she has also received compliments for the artistic way in which he is releasing his pain and that of his family.

Sometimes there is no more timewe are hourglasses, every grain of sand counts, they are seconds of life, running, passing and we don’t know how much sand is left in our hourglass. Let’s make every second count”, The 36-year-old artist began writing on her account. Instagram.

Publication where he shared the news (Photo: Instagram)
Publication where he shared the news (Photo: Instagram)

The death of her uncle Sergio once again proved how united the singer is with her family, because on more than one occasion she has shared with her followers the great signs of affection she has with her sisters, her parents and now her new family. formed with her husband, Paco Alvarezand his firstborn, Maria Paula.

See you always uncle Sergio, we will see each other again. Thank you for your life and love. You are already in a better place, free, full of light and with my grandparents. We love you and we will always remember you, until we meet again, “concluded the also actress of youth melodramas such as Rebel (2004), class 406 (2003) and Summer of Love (2009).

Some of her more than 10 million followers have already responded to the publication leaving messages of condolences and wishes for early resignation, as well as even one or another celebrity has also written to the one who was redheaded for several years -due to her character as Roberta Pardo in the soap opera that saw the birth of RBD-.

The actress has not given further details (Photo: Instagram/@dulcemaria)
The actress has not given further details (Photo: Instagram/@dulcemaria)

“We are very sorry dear #Guerrera. We know how important your family is to you.We send you a big hug.” “Your sweets always here in the good times and in the bad, as on this occasion, a hug to the soul and a prompt resignation”. “What ugly news and although I know that this is not the time, I wanted to take the opportunity to tell you that you have such a wonderful way of writing that you do the most beautiful things to read in the world out of the difficult”, fans wrote. “I’m very sorry, I love you,” added Patylu to be complemented with “I’m very sorry” by Fernanda Malo.

A few days ago, the actress gave some good and bad news: the first confirmed the rumors that she had already talked with her colleagues from Rebelde and yes they all agreed to make a world tour, the second was the cancellation of it for reasons that she herself did not know.

The only public meeting that included the 6 was in December 2019 (Photo: Instagram/@anahi)
The only public meeting that included the 6 was in December 2019 (Photo: Instagram/@anahi)

We were nowhere near signing nowjust before the 2000′s, we already had the dates, but For some reason that I am not very clear about, it was canceled, the first tour we were going to do. Obviously, once again each one returned to seize their way and the projects of him. Me, more than a world tour, as everyone is saying, that something could be done in which we could all be, it would be beautiful, “he explained in windowing.


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