Due to “incidents”, Morena shuffles annul and expel

Brunette announced that it will analyze the allegations of irregularities in the process of selecting directors for its National Congress and threatened to annul votes and even expel those who acted against the movement.

Mario Delgado, national leader of that party, outlined that there will be at least five districts in which the exercise will be annulled: 13 in Motozintla, Chiapas; the 4 in Tijuana, Baja California; the 10 in Zapopan and the 16 in Tlaquepaque, Jalisco, and the two of Gómez Palacio, Durango.

“Five of the 300 districts will be repeated, just 1.6 percent,” he said while clarifying that others will be annulled if irregularities are verified, such as 9 in Irapuato, Guanajuato.

At a press conference, he assured that “those who acted against the movement do not have to continue” in Brunette and warned: “we are not going to allow counselors to arrive by bad means”, product of hauling and improper practices.

Without giving details of the complaints received, he stressed that all cases documented on video will be analyzed and punished. However, he insisted that it was an “exemplary civic exercise” and the “incidents were isolated” and committed by outsiders, which is why 19 voting centers were closed, which meant 3.4 percent of the total.

“The ones who did that are not morenistas, because it is acting against Morena and that would be giving meat to the opposition. There are people who have nothing to do in the movement, because it goes against what the statutes themselves say and play into the hands of the right wing, ”he said.

Thin presumed that the internal election this weekend left Morena with a voter registration 10 times higher than that of the BREADfor which he reiterated that it was a historic day.

He pointed out that according to the most recent cut, there was a participation of more than 3 million morenistas and 42 thousand 583 authorized registrations. Regarding the criticism of militants against some practices that were observed, he pointed out: “That is an opinion, I prefer the opinion of 3 million people who came out to vote for our movement.”

He explained that after replacing the district assemblies that are annulled, the state congresses will be held and the state committees and councils will be elected, which will take place on August 13 and 14. He added that after digitizing all the affiliations this weekend, Brunette will present its new list of militants.

we have to improve

President Andrés Manuel López Obrador accepted that it is necessary to improve the internal processes of Brunetteby acknowledging that there was carrying and buying of votes in “very few” polling places.

At the morning conference National Palacedefended that bad practices were not generalized and celebrated the participation of 2,500,000 citizens who elected the new councilors of his party.

“Of course there is disagreement, these processes must be improved more and more so that there are no violations, hauls, vote induction. And there was still that type of practice but in very few boxes, no it became widespread.

“It is not like the opponents. The conservatives would have liked… I was seeing that they repeated and repeated about fraud, irregularities, but no. Nothing to do with what they have done,” she expressed.

He accepted that there are always problems when these democratic days are held, however, he insisted that the people make fewer mistakes because they know how to distinguish between what is best for them.

In a separate press conference, Claudia Sheinbaum, head of government, considered that the internal elections of Brunette They had massive participation in Mexico City and the irregularities were isolated cases in some districts.

“I don’t have the data yet on how many participated, but it was a massive participation and, in general, peaceful and orderly. There are some cases of complaints, where the party itself will have to define through its Honesty and Justice Commission. If there is a complaint (against) any public servant, obviously there (must go) with the comptroller and that they do their investigationtion,” he said.

The president of the capital ruled out that there will be a division in her party after this process.

Meanwhile, Ricardo Monreal, leader of Brunette in the Senate, he criticized the election process and pointed out that it was already “prefigured” and was of “poor quality”.

In a video broadcast on social networks, he addressed all those who participated in this exercise: “You acted in good faith, but everything was already prefigured, some practices were presented that we have always fought against, but we must not lose heart nor the enthusiasm.

The legislator asked the militants for unity. “Mexico needs them, let’s act to the limit of dignity,” he pointed out.

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