Dog breeds that are in danger of extinction

The risk of suffering disappearance in the species, not only species of Flora and faunathis phenomenon is also transferred to domestic animals such as dogs, since some dog breeds are also in danger of extinction, most of them related to hunting or grazing and adapted to certain climatesThey are very close to disappearing.

In recent years there has been a low birth rate purebred, due to the lack of associations in charge of reproducing different breeds of dogs, in such a way that they are considered in danger of extinction.

Top 3 dog breeds in danger of extinction


This breed of Norwegian origin are dogs of Spitz-type, their rectangular bodies and light and flexible texture. It also has a dense coat of hair, gradients in colors ranging from white to light brown, ending in its black or gray extremities with dark spots.


Is dog breed of hungarian origin, which was originally used as a beaver dog. Her long curls that can reach the ground. They can be black, white or various shades such as apricot and gray.

Rhodesian Crested

It is a breed of dog from South Africa, which was used for hunting and guarding livestock. This breed has a muscular build, large, agile and fast. Currently, the Thai Crested Dog is one of the most popular in Thailand, although it is unknown in the rest of the world.

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