Do not cry to Gignac, he is Italian and Martino has already warned him that he will take him to the World Cup

The Italian forward that Martino would wear instead of Gignac
The Italian forward that Martino would wear instead of Gignac

Gerardo Martino begins to outline the Mexican National Team that they will take to the World Cup in Qatar, where he will only be able to count on 26 players, among them an Italian striker appears.

To the surprise of many one of the Mexican strikers has dual Mexican-Italian nationality, the 21-year-old has surprised many in Europe and will now play for Feyenoord in the Netherlands.

More news from the Mexican team:

* He challenged Martino and made a fool of him, now he is banned from the Tri and the World Cup

* Martino trembled, the player that Azcárraga imposes on him and would take him to the World Cup

This is Santiago Giménez, a former Cruz Azul player for the Mexican National Team who will have Italian nationality to be able to play with his new club with a community passport, as confirmed by his father Christian Giménez. This thanks to its Argentine-Italian ancestry that the Chaco has.

Does Santi Giménez go to the World Cup in Qatar?

Striker Santiago Giménez acknowledged that to travel to the Netherlands he consulted with Gerardo Martino who would have given him the go-ahead to fulfill his European dream, since he is confirmed in the list of 26 to go to the 2022 Qatar World Cup and he could not miss out on such offer.

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