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Charles Slim he does not give away a pompom from SanbornsWhat’s more, not even a single contact,” he says. Adele Michaelwho clarified the rumors about an apartment in Donceles (CDMX) that the Mexican businessman allegedly gave him a while ago.

The journalist related that story in her recent visit to the comedy podcast the parrothosted by Ricardo Pérez and Slobotzk, an anecdote in which her ex-boyfriend was involved, Martha Figueroa, the writer Carlos Monsivais and Carlos Slim.

The friendship of Adela Micha and Carlos Slim

It all started one day when she came to work on her radio show and they asked her in the corridors: “Have you seen what Martha Figueroa wrote?”

The text published in a newspaper by the entertainment journalist detailed that Carlos Slim had given him an apartment in Doncelesin Mexico City, when at that time the rescue of the Historic Center was being carried out.

Carlos Slim was very good my friend, well I still consider him a great friend, I haven’t seen him for a long time, and Carlos Slim does not give away a pompom from Sanborns, what’s more, not even a contact”, he declared between laughs.

The controversial dinner in Adela Micha’s apartment

At that time Figueroa worked in the same company, but on television and had also become friends with a Spanish ex-boyfriend of Adela’s, “they saw each other in the clubs to ‘suck’”, says Micha.

The journalist recounts that at that time she had just broken up with that boyfriend due to what happened in a dinner that she had in that department of Donceles with Carlos Slim and Carlos Monsivais.

“Slim always told me that he wanted to meet him, so I did the match and invited them to dinner… I put the two Carlos together“, Explain.

“I stupidly invited my ex-boyfriend who stupidly he missed the cups, all wrong. That day we thundered and coincidentally these two became very good friends [su ex novio y Martha Figueroa]So I said ‘what?who did the information come from?’, from this bastard, but to me Carlos Slim never gave me anything”.

In fact, she remembers that Slim had told her “Buy an apartment here”, to which she asked him “will you give me a good price” and he replied “!they are cheap!”.

Slim also told him that that department of Donceles had the Post Office building nearby and there was one Carlos Fuentes and another Felipe González, although he never saw them: “I gathered some savings and bought there”.

Adela Micha got angry with Martha Figueroa because the journalist did not ask her the veracity of the information, despite the fact that they worked in the same place: “I mean, with what eggs, we saw each other every day, so easy that it would have been for her to ask me … that If he had given it to me, I would have said so.He didn’t give me a mansion either, but that wasn’t the case.”

On another occasion Martha Figueroa also spoke about the subject in an interview she gave with Matilde Obregón, she says that her partner pulled her hair when he approached to complain about the publication:

“Because she did not like something I published about her in my column, I commented that her previous boyfriend was more handsome than the current one, she got very angry, that they had given him an apartment”.

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