Cynthia Rodríguez gives clues to her pregnancy; These photos would confirm that she is expecting her first baby with Carlos Rivera

After what Cynthia Rodriguez and Carlos Rivera They were on a luxurious vacation for more than a month, it became known that the driver would be waiting for her first baby with the singer, and it seems that through her Instagram account the actress also gave pregnancy clues.

He was the entertainment journalist, alex kaffie who broke the news in his column for The Herald of Mexicoaffirming that in the next few days the host and the singer will give the news that they are expecting her first babya desire that the couple had for several months.

Cynthia Rodríguez gives clues to her pregnancy

At the beginning of June Cynthia and Carlos They undertook a trip that began in Rome, and from the first days of their long vacation it was speculated that the couple had married in Italy, and although no one has confirmed it, it is stated that there are photos of the aforementioned marriage bond.

Now that the couple has returned to Mexico, a new piece of news is what has flooded the headlines, since apparently the alumni of La Academia will receive a new member in the family, and Rodriguez seems to have given the first clues, because one of the first businesses that consented to the driver was a company that sells snacks, which she could not resist, perhaps being her first cravings for the pregnancy.

Cynthia indulged herself with a spicy craving. Photo: IG @cynoficial

It is known that pregnant women go through many stages, and among these one of the best known are the cravings for acidic and spicy foods, and Cynthia He showed that when he arrived in Mexico, the first snacks he chose to pamper himself were gummies with chili and chamoy.

In December 2021, the singer and actress revealed in “Venga la Alegría” her desire to be a mother, so the news has not caused surprise among her fans, and on the contrary, they hope that Rodriguez and Rivera be very happy in this new stage, which could soon be confirmed.

This is how Cynthia reappeared in networks

After alex kaffie released the information last Monday, Cynthia He had not been seen on his social networks, however, this Tuesday he reappeared and wore a sophisticated yellow look, also revealing what could already be his “baby bump” from the first months.

Cynthia shone with her fans on Instagram. Photo: IG @cynoficial


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