Coahuila. Daniela wanted to be a doctor, she died at her XV-year party

The last day of Daniela’s life it was exciting and spectacular for her, before he died outside his home in San Pedro, Coahuila, right where his XV year party was held.

Daniela He died of a sudden myocardial arrest.according to the opinion of the necropsy carried out by the medical examiner of the Attorney General of Coahuila.

He never complained of any chest painwe didn’t see her shaken, nor with symptoms of shortness of breath during the party”, her aunts saidwhich reflected the great pain they face due to Daniela’s departure.

Magdalena Montemayor, Daniela’s aunt, said her niece longed to be a doctor, since he wanted to heal all those who were sick and did not suffer.

He emphasized that I was about to finish high school and was looking for a university to enroll, in the Medicine career, dUnfortunately this did not happen because we were ahead of the road.

She was very good, she was always good since she was a child, she was very polite, very responsible with his parents, siblings and with the few friends he had,” he said.

commented that since she was a child she was very flirtatiousalready as a teenager she was very fond of her curly hair, she liked fashionable dresses, as well as short shorts of bright colors. Also liked spicy food He was not very fond of sweets and everything he ate he enjoyed.

He explained that his personality was always shy, She didn’t make friends easily, she was very selective and she looked for a lot of learning in them. Even so, she was highly appreciated by her schoolmates, her siblings, her parents and neighbors who knew her.

“Yes indeed he never missed mass at eight in the morning and he was always a believer and obedient to the things of God,” he said.

He narrated that a year before, he had already projected his XV years and On the day of the party, he attended all his guests and made them dance with a radiant smile, which did not fade until it faded.

For its part, Águeda Chávez, who is also her aunt, I confirm that Daniela’s death was caused by cardiac arrest and not by a fight, since social networks handled that his niece had died in a lawsuit.

Your party was awesome. the prettiest Daniela could have had and I think she left with that good taste in her mouth, which enjoyed to the fullest in his longed-for XV yearsAgueda said.

He argued that life was unfair to Daniela, since it did not allow her to live and fulfill her dreams, which she had well planned since she was a child.

He stated that on Saturday, one day before her death, she was so content and so happy, that she did not think she was going to celebrate her XV years, It was a dream for her and on Sunday at 1:40 in the morning, “Daniela left us forever, but we know she is in our hearts.”


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