Chucky Lozano shines at Napoli 3-1 Girona; friendlies 2022 halftime

The Naples reported Girona 3-1 to add his third victory of the preseason in an afternoon where the Mexican, Hirving Lozano, came out inspired again and helped his team in a good way. After two draws in a row, the Italians defeated the Spanish in a duel where the two teams went out to battle.

Chucky Lozano was the starter and from his feet came the pass for the first goal of the match, although the rivals tied and the scores came later to emerge victorious.

Napoli 3-1 Girona; this was the game

The Napoli went out to attack and just at minute 4, Víctor Osimhen scored for the blues, but it was annulled for offside. Girona responded and at 7′, Aleix García tried with a header that went wide.

It was until 27′ when Chucky Lozano took Juanpe Ramírez and put the ball into the area, where David Lopezin an effort to avoid Osimhen’s auction, he kept it in his own goal. Thus came the 1-0 for those from Naples.

Lozano tried his goal and at 31′ he made a shot from a distance that ended up being saved by the goalkeeper, Juan Carlos Martín. Before the break, Girona tried and Óscar Ureña tried to equalize with a shot that went close to the goal.

The second half started with Jvicha Kvaratskhelia trying to extend the lead. He had two arrivals, but the Georgian had no luck at 50′ and 52′, since in both the ball went outside.

Girona achieved the tie at 54′ when Valentín Castellanos received a pass from Samu Saiz and, without hesitation, sent her to the back for 1-1. The goal fell very well to the Catalans, who at 59′ were nowhere near the second when Yan Couto put it to the post in the center of Saiz.

Napoli searched and, at 60′, Lozano put the ball to Osimhenwho finished off López and he did not give goal direction. He followed a header at 66′ by Leo Östigard without success and subsequently, at 70′, Andrea Petagna made it 2-1. It was a pass from Alessio Zerbin and he calmly defined to return the advantage to the Naples team.

After a minute, Petagna fell in the area due to a grab by Joel Roca and a penalty was scored, which he scored at 71′ Kvaratskhelia to make it 3-1 in favor of Naples. This goal killed Girona, who could no longer.

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