Chris Rock mocks Will Smith’s apology

Last week something quite important was revealed in the world of entertainment, since Will Smith broadcast a video on Youtube in which he apologizes to Chris Rock for what happened in the Oscar. And although the video was emotional enough for the entire public, it seems that the comedian is not yet ready to make peace with the actor.

Once you saw the video of Smith, Chris He did not hesitate to give his opinion on the matter through his different comedy shows, where he stated that he did not want to make passes at the moment with the actor from I robot. In fact, she mocked and assured that she only seeks to become the victim behind the whole mess, thus leaving aside the real affected person behind.

Here his comment:

Everybody’s trying to be a fucking victim. If everyone claims to be a victim, then no one will listen to the real victims.


Next, Chris made a comparison of Will Smith with Suge Knightco-founder and former director of Death Row Recordshaving under his hands important artists of the stature of snoop-dog. Having a sentence in the nineties for rape issues, something that did not last long, since he was released two years after being imprisoned.

even called him Hugh Smith. That means he links a crime this big to the actor. At the moment, there are no signs that the comedian will forget this humiliating act in the coming months.



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