Brandon Moreno, the champion that Mexico did not know he needed

Brandon Moreno won the Interim World Flyweight Championship in July 2022. (Carmen Mandato/Getty Images)

Brandon Moreno won the Interim World Flyweight Championship in July 2022. (Carmen Mandato/Getty Images)

Brandon Moreno shocked Mexico when he won the World Flyweight Championship on the UFC. No other fighter emerged in the country had accomplished such a feat. Then they all fell at his feet. Upon losing the belt, his compatriots embraced him as the most distinguished of his heroes. He could not fail them, so he revalidated his status by setting himself up as 125-pound interim monarch.

He recaptured the scepter against the New Zealander Kai Kara Francewhom he had already beaten in 2019. A liver kick sentenced his rival. He ended the night with a cheekbone cut and the gold on her waist. Even the legendary conor mcgregor praised his performance. There is no turning back, the fourth contest of their old rivalry against the Brazilian Deiveson Figueiredo will define the absolute king.

In Mexican sports, idol building it’s essential. No matter the discipline, its fans forge fantastic stories. Despite the disappointments, they furiously support the emblems that exalt their culture. They want to follow someone who represents their character. In the combat is no exception; are proud of those who can bleed to tearsbut they never stop going forward.

within the mixed martial artswhich were established during the 1990s in USA and expanded to Japanrequired an international standard. Dark he dreamed of transcending, so he turned the illusion into reality. She extended the personal longing to the hope of millions of Mexicans. He was consolidated as his great chosen one.

The story of overcoming with which it carried made an automatic click within their hearts. the boy’s Tijuana who helped in his parents’ business to make piñatas. Who never lacked for anything, but he always strove to achieve everything in the industry. The promise that 17 years he was wearing a shirt UNAM Cougars when entering the cage. The “killer baby” whose youth is reinforced in the power of blows.

The athlete who arrived at the UFC and made his prediction clear: one day i would be champion in the most representative company of mixed martial arts. Yes, not everything went as expected, she accumulated two setbacks and was fired. However, she returned through the front door in order to vindicate herself. Dark symbolizes the “canijo” that, although it is dyed gloryalways wants more.

After dethroning Figueiredo in 2021 and win his first crown, framed the motto that encompasses the Mexican: “If possible”. He had no doubts, he trusted in his preparation, he should not fall by the wayside. “I didn’t want to be another statistic, I wanted to be the fighter who would give the country pride”, he pointed to UFC in Spanish.

“I am not used to seeing messages on social networks, but once it occurred to me. There was one that he referred to and it stuck in my mind. When I won, with the entire Mexican race very happy, I exploded. ‘Of course it could and you can too’, it’s not ‘échaleganismo’. Working will help you out. I always focused on what I really wanted. I knew I was going to make it”, he stated on the Creative podcast of Robert Martinez.

Hence Dark he was the man of the moment. Andres Manuel Lopez Obradorthe president of Mexicoreceived it in National Palace. Unintentionally, the impulse allowed her to exhibit his personality and settle as a model to follow. He did not tire of raising the flag of the respect inside and outside the octagon: “I don’t want to be the guy who trash talks his opponents on TV. I want to be an example for my daughter, my family and the whole world”, he asserted.

Brandon Moreno did not apply to be the next national idol, did not even imagine the boom that it would have; His work put him in the spotlight, he fulfilled all expectations. The Mexicans did not know how much they needed it. Now, their eyes point to December 2022: the final crossing before Figueiredo It leads them to imagine a new victorious postcard of their most precious icon.


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