Approved “tailor-made suit” for Rocío Nahle in Veracruz

To whom they left a smile from side to side, they talk to us, it is the Secretary of Energy, the Zacatecan Rocio Nahle Garcia (Morena), since the icing majority and their allies in the Veracruz Congress approved the so-called Nahle Law, which reforms the local Constitution so that it can aspire to the governorship without being from Veracruz. They explain to us that the modification will allow recognizing as Veracruzans those people who were not born in the state, but who have lived there for at least five years, and despite the fact that the PAN showed that it is a “tailor-made suit” for Doña Rocío ( born in Río Grande, Zacatecas) is the candidate for governor in 2024, several wonder what the people of Veracruz, who are so passionate about politics, will think that a Zacatecan can govern them.

Morenista mayors, unleashed

Where the “Franciscan poverty” and the Morenoist “principles” are not very up to date, they tell us, is in Coahuila, despite the fact that the elections are just around the corner. They tell us that, on the one hand, there is the mayor of Múzquiz, Tania Flores Guerra (Morena), who got into the eye of the hurricane, after her brother Antonio showed off her luxurious Lamborghini truck on social networks, which does not cost five pesos. And on the other hand, in the municipality of San Juan de Sabinas, the mayor Mario Alberto López Gámez (Morena) showed that he likes the party and was caught in the hood of his luxury truck, with beer in hand, celebrating after the concert of Los Dos Carnales at the municipal fair, which was not well seen by its “wise people”. Where have we seen cases like these before?

Does the rain pollute?

From Guerrero they tell us that “more than one eyebrow was raised” with the explanation given by the state Secretary of Health, Aidé Ibarez Castro (Morena), about the contamination of the beaches in the state. They tell us that the Federal Commission for the Protection against Sanitary Risks (Cofepris) described the Manzanillo, Hornos and Suave beaches as not suitable for recreational use and that they may represent a risk for bathers, for which Ms. Aidé, in an attempt to defending the state, assured that the contamination was due to the rains, “because when they fall they drag everything that is in the terrestrial area”, for which more than one wonders: how will it rain in those areas? wham!

With raw by internal strife

In Chiapas they share with us that in “the hangover” due to Morena’s internal election in the entity, more than one Chiapanecan stayed “like Chinese”, after the show that took place in some districts, such as Tenejapa and Huehuetán, where several groups they destroyed ballot boxes and burned ballots, in addition to carrying and buying votes throughout the state. They tell us that the morenistas have a bad taste in their mouths, since several state officials, deputies, mayors and relatives of these stayed as councilors and that, they tell us, they were behind the excesses, but they are too alive to “seize bone” or a candidacy in 2024. What’s up!

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