Anna cosplays Yor Forger from the anime Spy x Family

It’s been over a month since the first part of Season 1 of the anime ended. Spy x Family But the popularity of the work has not diminished, thanks in part to the talented fan arts and cosplays that are dedicated to its characters. Among them is the recent cosplay that enhanced Anna, which became Yor Forger casual version and killer version with a lot of fan service.

Although in reality Anna has only been cosplaying popular characters for pop culture for a couple of years, in this time she has achieved more than a hundred thousand followers on her social networks and we have seen how the quality of her cosplays improves little by little. Initially Anna started with original cosplays, but eventually she turned into anime characters like Yor Forger.

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For almost half a year we have seen that Anna has been dabbling in modeling with cosplays from video games, anime and manga, as she started with popular characters such as 2B from NieR: Automata and Makima from Chainsaw Man. However, she recently published her cosplays from Yor Forger inspired by the Spy x Family anime.

While the Spy x Family anime was broadcast, it was the most popular of the season, but in June it reached the end of its first part, so we will have to wait until autumn to see new episodes of this fun adaptation. Meanwhile, the cosplays help us to accompany the wait, like the one from Yor Forger with fan service that Anna did.

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Anna has cosplayed Yor Forger in her casual clothes and in her assassin uniform, but in both versions she decided to give it a touch of fan service by showing the character’s underwear, something that the original Yor Forger would hardly be able to do, as we have seen in the first season of the anime.

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