Alpine learned of Alonso’s departure with the Aston Martin statement

Formula 1 entered a recess of almost a month before the end of the season, but the drama did not wait even a week. Alpine has an empty seat behind the departure of Fernando Alonso and although Oscar Piastri is supposed to occupy it, the Australian has already denied having signed a contract with the team.

But as they say out there, all good gossip needs context and here we are going to tell you about it. This novel begins with the completion of various contracts and the possible movements between drivers and teams; Alonso had the option of looking for a new team or renewing with Alpine.

And to Alpine’s surprise, Fernando Alonso left with Aston Martin. Omar Szafnauer, boss of the French team, revealed to Motorsport that the negotiations with the Spaniard were still ongoing and that he even told them that he had not signed elsewhere.

Obviously when we’re in the paddock there are all kinds of rumors and I had heard rumors that Aston Martin was interested in the. Once you hear that they are interested, it is likely that there have been negotiations and there are some other indications that they talked; get out of the same motorhome at the same time and all that kind of stuff that I saw. But I was sure we were close to the deal.

So yeah, the first confirmation I got was the press release. I asked Alonso and he told me: ‘No, no, I haven’t signed anything’. So I was a bit surprised. There were only a couple of minor points pending, and he said his lawyer would get in touch with us. I thought it would be like this“, indicated the head of Alpine.

Alpine learned of Fernando Alonso's departure with the Aston Martin statement: "We offered a contract of one year plus another"
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What did Alpine offer Fernando Alonso to renew?

Szafnauer added that Alpine’s intention was sign a contract for one year, with the option of one more if its performance was good in mid-2023; however, he considers that Alonso was looking for greater certainty in his career.

I think he wanted more security regardless of performance, like, ‘I want to stay longer.’ And I think that was the point, that instead of 1+1 I wanted three, or three plus one. Before he left, I confirmed to him that we would be signing soon. And he told me: ‘Yeah, don’t worry, I haven’t signed with anyone else’“.

And now, Alpine has to find a solution to the possible departure of Piastri. They have not issued any different position than the one that was published when announcing it as their pilot for 2023 and it seems that this will not be fulfilled.

Alpine learned of Fernando Alonso's departure with the Aston Martin statement: "We offered a contract of one year plus another"
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