Almost a year after her wedding, Altair Jarabo makes an unexpected confession: “I have lived deceived!”

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Rome Italy.- In this month of August, the soap opera villain, Altair Jarabocelebrates 1 year of his wedding with the French businessman, Frederic Garciawho is well over her at 19 years of age, this has not been an impediment for both of them to prove their love every time they can or… right? Recently, the actress Warrior heartmade a revealing statement through his official account Instagram and it is that, according to her words, she has lived “deceived” for some time.

Many may remember the luxurious wedding of the actress from In the name of love with García, which was characterized because it was not held in Mexico either USAas many famous people usually do, but it happened in the world known as the city of love, that is to say in Paris, FranceTherefore, several of Jarabo’s companions could not appear at the ceremony, although this did not prevent the celebrity from being congratulated by his friends from the multicolored camera application.

Altair Jarabo and Frederic Garcia

1 year after this, Altair left Televisabut this does not mean that he withdrew from the performancebut went to enjoy a rich trip in different european cities, presumably, along with her husband, the reason? this is unknown although due to the dates, it is likely that it is a anniversary trip, since, coincide with the wedding day of the famous. According to the actress’s publications Full of lovethrough their social networks, it seems that it has been a fun journey and a lot of learning.

Photography by Altair Jarabo in Europe

But it is possible that nothing has surprised the actress much more than the time she went to visit a field of sunflowerswhere she took the opportunity to take a flirtatious photograph, according to the footer, she has lived “deceived”, because she had the belief that this plant always looked for the sun, a fact that is known by many people; However, this is not the case, the actress explained that she was actually the other way around.

I have lived deceived! All this time I thought sunflowers were looking for the sun. And it’s the other way around. There wasn’t a single one looking at him. And I don’t blame them, the heat is crazy,” declared Jarabo

Altair Jarabo’s publication among sunflowers

However, according to data from the journal Scienceare the immature sunflowers or young ones who, in fact, follow the movement of the sun, but when they mature, they usually try to look to the west. In the case of the flowers portrayed by Jarabo, it is possible that, due to the high temperaturesthey avoid the rays, just as they look in the photograph of the actress.

Sources: Tribune, Instagram @altairjarabo

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