Alexa Dellanos is recorded in embroidery from her rest area

Normally the sessions photographic by Alexa Dellanos throw top quality content, snapshots that Internet users quite enjoy on Instagram, the application where they are in constant communication with their followers.

However, sometimes behind the scenes can be much more striking than the photos themselves, that is why the American Influencer decided to share with us a video in which she appears showing off in a white embroidered ensemble from the rest area of ​​her home, just above the place where she sleeps.

In the clip we could see how the content creator You found yourself having your cell phone and also capturing some other images for your stories, a section where you are active practically every day and it is thanks to this the great growth you have achieved in recent months.

It is important to maintain active communication with fans, since with this activity it is how she has managed to increase the number of her followers, it has almost reached 10 million, with 9.7 showing that her audience continues to support her and that there are more and more followers. who join the community, users who are happy to keep enjoying the results of their modeling for social networks.

The true fans of the model were appreciating every second and also showing their love through comments and likes, those interactions that are always ready to support her, there is no doubt that there are people who are in favor of her.


Alexa Dellanos/Instagram

Alexa Dellanos shares her cute videos that her fans appreciate.

However, there are also some people on the Internet who recognize Alexa Dellanos only because she is the daughter of Myrka Dellanos, a famous television presenter in the United States and whom many consider to have followed in her footsteps.

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But we know that the American preferred the modeling industry, trying to be recognized by the greatest number of people on the Internet, collaborating with the brands that she likes so much and always looking to do it in the best way.

The celebrity will continue to take advantage of all the benefits that she can have, enjoying incredible walks, trips and luxuries, so in Show News we will continue to share only the best about her, as well as other news about the show, entertainment and more.

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