Aguilar dynasty: who are Angela Aguilar’s beautiful cousins?

Aguilar dynasty: who are Angela Aguilar’s beautiful cousins? Photo: Cuartoscuro | File, Archive

The aguilar family is one of the most important and talented in regional music, members such as Pepe Aguilar are the sample, although the new generations They are not far behind, as Ángela Aguilar has achieved great success in the industry. But not only did they inherit talent from Antonio Aguilar and Wild Flowerbecause the Aguilar women are also very beautiful and tells you who they are.

The other beautiful Aguilar women

The daughter of Pepe Aguilar is the one that has the most media exposure and has shown to have inherited the talent Y beauty of the familyalthough that has not helped get out unscathed in the heart theme.

Pepe Aguilar’s eldest daughter is Aneliz Aguilar, who shares the name with her mother, inspiration for the song “For women like you.” Unlike his brothers Leonardo and Angela Aguilar, Aneliz has not chosen to follow in the footsteps of his ancestors in music, although that does not prevent him from being known in the public sphere.

Like any young woman, daughter of Pepe Aguilar often share photos of how enjoy the time and, recently, surprised with a change of look at jump of the tones dark to the light in the hair.

daughter of Antonio Aguilar Jr.., Nice He has also started a path in music, although he is not part of the show of his uncle and his cousins, which, he says, he would gladly join. The member of the important family usually shares postcards of how enjoy the weatheras well as their professional projects.

Recently, Majo Aguilar, who showed his support and backing for his cousin after their scandalous relationship, released a song that boasts in social networks, where he enjoys thousands of faithful followers.

Majo Aguilar has a twin sister named Flor Susana Aguilar, who, like his sister and her cousin Angela Aguilar, seeks to position itself as one of the ffavorites in music; however, on his channel Youtube only how much with a video singing a song of Alejandro Sanz.

And like the rest of the aguilar women, Suzanne inherited the beauty of members of your family and usually receive flattery Y pick up lines in social networkswhere he also shares some moments of his day to day.

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