After friction with Andrea Legarreta and an affair with an executive, a famous woman sends a message from TV Azteca

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Mexico City.- After having an affair with an executive from Televisa and after friction with Andrea Legarreta After his participation in the morning of Saint Angel, Todaya driver of Aztec TV launched a message from the facilities of the television station of the adjust… Could it be that he revived his conflict with the wife of Erik Rubin? Or is he trying to return to the Azcárraga company?

As many will know, Anette Cuburu tried to get her acting career off the ground; however, in recent years she has developed much more as a host of various variety programs and, after her departure from Televisa, the famous woman joined the ranks of the competition, but not only in terms of company, but also got a job at the direct rival of Today, come the joywhere it is known that he developed a great friendship with some members of the cast, unlike what happened with the San Ángel show, where tensions with Legarreta occupied the center of attention.

Photography by Anette Cuburu

It turns out that, on the afternoon of this Tuesday, August 2, the famous The candidate, Confident of high school Y To the extreme sent a message, but it was not addressed to Andrea Legarreta, as one might think at the beginning of this note, but it was a few words of thanks to TV Azteca, a company that, this Tuesday, August 2, is celebrating its 29 anniversary, which is why Cuburu could not help but share a Photography where he would also be seen celebrating.

Today he turns 29 (TV Azteca), to whom I always owe gratitude, affection and many tears of joy. Congratulations on breaking everything and achieving the unimaginable. Happy to be part of a great story that will always continue”, declared the famous

Anette Cuburu celebrates the 29th anniversary of TV Azteca
Credits: Instagram @anetteoficial

It should be noted that Anette returned just in time for the celebration of 29 years of TV Azteca, since the previous week she had left holidays along with his three children, which is why he had not been seen in the broadcasts of come on Happiness and, according to the statements of the famous, he returned with a recharged battery to continue giving his best in the morning of the company of Ricardo Salinas Pliego.

Sources: Tribune, Instagram @anetteoficial

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