After a joke on TikTok, Mario Bezares responds to Paul Stanley

Through an interview for a television program ‘Multimedia’Bezares said again that he has never “offended no one” and that his joke focuses on the accusations he experienced after Stanley’s tragic murder.

“He said that ‘between joke and joke’, well ‘between joke and joke’ because the truth appears, because it is my truth, it is a situation that I went through, it is something that happened to me”, assured.

He also stated that Paul Stanley was “Misinformed”, because he indicated that the evidence against him was “manufactured” and for that reason he is a free person.

“I am a completely free person, innocent because they never found any of the evidence they charged and, therefore, if he has some evidence or if someone has, then the case is not closed, I think it is not closed because they have not found the real culprits.” Bezares noted.

Finally, he expressed that he has his “clear conscience” and thinks that they have “head warmed up” against Paul Stanley: “I think it’s wrong, I mean, it’s very cold popsicles what Paul dared to say”, held.

The comedian has always maintained his innocence

Let’s remember that Mario Bezares fHe was the prime suspect in the death of paco stanleyWell, while the driver was deprived of his life outside ‘El Charco de las Ranas’, Bezares had gone to the bathroom, then, presumably, the food had spoiled him.

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