Aesthetic treatments: Expert recommendations

Currently practicing and applying aesthetic treatments has become a trend, hence the authorities issue a series of recommendations and warn about going to specialists in aesthetic medicine and not be fooled by charlatans.

The professionals to carry out the aesthetic treatments, however minimal they may be, are endorsed aesthetic doctors who have a title and professional license; In addition, they are usually updated with various diplomas or master’s degrees in Mexico and / or abroad, as stated by the doctor Servando Rojas.

Who to turn to for aesthetic treatments?

According to experts, in aesthetic medicine, minimally invasive procedures are performed through the application of topical anesthesia, which should be done only by professionals.

It is important to emphasize that surgical procedures are not performed in this branch, and multidisciplinary care is recommended.

The treatments that are applied must be based on previous research, that is to say “it is not what I imagine and want to do, it is not a course that you take in

“The face has a world of vascularities, of nerves” so you must know exactly what to do.

Recommendations before aesthetic treatments

Undoubtedly, the practice of certain procedures without adequate knowledge or the wrong products can have irreversible health consequences; Therefore, the population is urged that before applying or going to any of these aesthetic treatments some things are considered.

For example, having permits from the Federal Commission for the Protection against Sanitary Risks (Cofepris), the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) in the United States and the European Union, especially because sometimes imported products are used that must have a health record.

Another essential thing is to verify that the products are prepared in front of the patient, a clinical file is made and a duly informed consent about the treatment is signed.

So if you ever decide to undergo any of these procedures, check all possible factors, such as “the doctors are certified and really dedicate themselves to aesthetic medicine in a professional manner”, all in order not to put your health at risk.

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