Accident Mirror Band Leader Breaks His Silence And Posts Heartfelt Message PHOTO By Falling Giant Screen On Ah Mo Concert In Hong Kong | SHOWS

The accident at a concert of the boy band Mirror in Hong Kong shocked all fans and those present. The fall of a giant screen on three dancers has gone around the world and continues to generate consternation and many wondered what the group’s position was in this regard. After several days, the band finally broke their silence.

More information MIRROR accident: dancers in concert issue joint statement after giant screen falls

MIRROR leader speaks out by accident

Lokman, leader of the boy band, shared on Instagram the first public statement of MIRROR in which they express their pain for this tragic moment experienced in their most recent concert. The singer uploaded a black image with a meaningful text.

We will take care of each other, and no one should worry about us. At this time, I hope everyone gathers their energy and wishes Ah Mo, Ah Feng, and Zisac a speedy recovery.”, he initially posted.

Many thanks to all the people who have helped me. The top and bottom of the company, the seniors in the entertainment industry, and those who are familiar and unknown, all went out of their way to join us. We will look at ourselves and not worry. Let’s provide time and space for the injured and their owners. let’s pray”, he sentenced.

Statement by leader of boy band MIRROR on falling of giant screen in concert in Hong Kong.
Statement by leader of boy band MIRROR on falling of giant screen in concert in Hong Kong.

What is the state of the dancer who fell from the giant screen?

It is important to remember that Ah Mo has undergone two surgeries, the last one on Friday and lasting more than eight hours. Of the three dancers affected by the detachment of the screen, he is the one who ended up with a more complicated situation.

According to different Chinese media, Ah Mo is in critical condition in the intensive care unit of Queen Elizabeth Hospital.

TROME - Big screen MIRROR accident falls on two singers
MIRROR group accident: big screen falls on two singers (Video: Twitter)


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