A fourth romance? Adamari López made a comment that links Toni Costa with Daniella Navarro

The actress Daniella Navarro since her participation in ‘La Casa de los Famosos 2’ has not stopped occupying the headlines of the national and international press for the fleeting romances she has had within the reality show, and that more than one has been surprised by her behavior.

The Venezuelan woman has known three love affairs so far, the first he starred with Eduardo Rodríguez, and that ended long before he left the most famous Spanish-speaking house of today, then with Salvador Zerboni of whom he said that the size of his member is small, and now with Nacho Casano, Quite surprising for the audience, because at the beginning they showed that they did not like each other at all.

“They started touching there last night at dinner holding hands. And there was a kiss that we are going to see tonight on the show,” said Jorge Bernal.

However, now everything takes a new direction, or at least that’s how it is for the host Adamari López, who during a broadcast of the program ‘Hoy Día’ assured that his ex-partner, Toni Costa had kissed Daniella, words that left several of those present perplexed, because nobody expected it.

“But (Nacho) was not with the only person with whom he kissed. Daniella kissed Toni too, “said Alaïa Costa López’s mother.

Internet users exploded on social networks stating that this accusation made by Adamari never happened. At the same time, many took the opportunity to ask her to finish overcoming the dancer Spanish and that he does not seek to harm the relationship he has with Evelyn Beltrán.

“Adamari teach tests please”, “Adamari wants is to remove the relationship that Toni has outside”, “Toni would never do that out of respect for her daughter and family”, “No, That is a vile lie. Toni has never kissed Daniella”, “I did not see that kiss with Toni and I never miss the program“,” If it had happened, they would have spent it at the galas”, “Don’t invent Adamari”, were some of the comments.

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