Young man undergoes triple cosmetic surgery in Madrid; he remains in a coma for almost 3 months and dies from bacteria

A 34-year-old woman who underwent a triple plastic surgery in April, at a clinic in Madrid, Spaindied on Sunday after spending nearly three months in a coma induced by a serious infection that he had suffered during the post-operative period.

Silvia Idalia Serrano, who lived in Palma, traveled to Madrid last April to undergo breast surgery plus liposuction and transfer to the buttocks. On the 29th of that month, she entered the operating room at the Ceme clinic and after her intervention, she was discharged.

Upon returning home, on May 6 she suffered an infection and had to be admitted in serious condition to the La Paz hospital in Madrid. Due to the severity of the condition, it was decided to induce a coma. She passed away on Sunday morning, after two months and three weeks in that state.

The head of the Court of Instruction number 46 of Madrid investigates two doctors and the clinic itself for a possible crime of injuries due to recklessness in this case, the Spanish media outlet El Mundo reported today.

The lawyer for Silvia’s family, Mar de La Loma, told the EFE agency that the relatives and her boyfriend Daniel are dismayed by what happened and state that now “more than ever a rigorous investigation must be carried out into the practices of the Ceme clinic, not so much what happened in the operating room but the postoperative that are carried out”.

On the other hand, de La Loma highlighted: “We consider that there are too many coincidences with fatal consequences. There has to be an investigation and they have to pay for it.”

The clinic statement

From the Ceme clinic, the authorities raised a message lamenting the death of the patient. They also made reference to a final report of the judicial investigation in which they would be exempted, in principle, from liability for malpractice.

Thus, they indicate that the party’s report concludes that “there is no infringement of the medical lex artis in the health professionals who treated the patient until her transfer to La Paz Hospital.”

In addition, they pointed out that Silvia suffered an infectious complication called necrotizing fasciitis that is “exceptional” after surgery and that the bacteria that cause this condition “are not hospital acquired or transmitted from personnel or the health environment, but from the microbiota (flora) of the patient”.

The clinic authorities also stressed that necrotizing fasciitis “can be difficult to establish in the first hours or days of its presentation” and that the patient was treated by Ceme staff in a hospital. After that, they affirmed that after carrying out an “exploration of the wounds” “general signs of general affectation” were detected on May 6 and she was transferred to a more complex center. That day she was hospitalized in serious condition and put into a coma.

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