Veracruz: they report a fall of a foreign object and a photo goes viral

Space debris, alien spacecraft or fake news are some of the explanations. Photo: One TV

The photo of a supposed Strange object that it fell in the state of Veracruz It went viral on social networks, unleashing a furor among Internet users who like to enter into discussions about the existence of intelligent life outside our planet.

The image that circulates on Twitter and Facebook accounts shows a white spherical figure that is perched on the top of a tree.

  • In the middle of the darkness of the night it is possible to appreciate that a kind of antenna comes out.

Some social network users have been excited about the idea that this white sphere is an alien spaceship, or a fragment of one; in addition to arguing that the moment in which human beings and beings from other planets come into contact is near.

Others more reserved in their way of thinking have said that it is surely space debris or the fragment of some terrestrial ship that broke off at the time of takeoff.

authorities of Veracruz question the authenticity of the event

After the report of the supposed fall of a object weird in the town of Río Medio, authorities of the municipality of Veracruz came out to give their position on the subject.

Alfonso García Cardona, director of Civil Protection, declared in local media that there was no call to the emergency numbers to report the event, and since there is only one photo of the event, it could be that the coastal people are facing news false.

He added that, if a object weird in the top of a tree Veracruzwould have caused people to gather in the area, and on Twitter or Facebook there would be innumerable shots, in addition to reports to the authorities to investigate the fact.

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