They fire a young man who died during his quinceañera in Coahuila

San Pedro, Coahuila /

This Monday the first of August, family and friends of the ejido Rosita and Concordia, sister lands of San Pedro, Coahuila, they fired Danielawho She died during her fifteenth birthday, just after dancing the waltz, due to a heart problem that was detected when she was little.

Daniela Montemayor Cornejoyoung man who had dreams, illusions and desire to live, She was buried in the Panteón de la Resurrección, in the same rural community in the upper part.

What young person does not want to have, save and see as the years go by and life goes on, his photograph of XV years? However, this was not the case for Daniela.

His illness ended his life on the most anticipated day, the most dreamed of: the day of his birthday party. fifteen years. The early morning of Sunday, July 31, in the last round of dance, vanished and later passed away.

Daniela’s XV-year photograph was revealedthe most beautiful memory of a quinceañera, an image full of color, of happiness, where she left her mark, of a happy young lady, of an angel who is now in heaven.

The words of Anamaria Cornejo, her aunt, showed what Daniela was like, a happy young woman, with the spirit of following and fulfilling her personal and professional dreams.

Beautiful words that Anamaria published for her angel, for “her brunette”, along with her photograph of her XV years.

“My brunette. All this hurts my soul, I don’t even have to say that I loved you, because I know you always knew it, I will never forget that you claimed that ‘mome’ was my favorite and I always told you “you know that you are the favorite”. As much as I tried to be strong I couldn’t, but your happiness comforts me at your party, we danced like never before, you were happy until the last moment, so happy that your little body couldn’t take it. Goodbye my princess, my little brunette, we will always be some little frogs, you say frog that I will continue jumping and dancing for you, “he wrote on his social networks.


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