They arrest a soccer player in Argentina after hitting a referee in the middle of the game

(CNN Spanish) –– A soccer player was arrested in Argentina, after assaulting a female referee who gave him a red card during a third division match this Sunday in the province of Buenos Aires.

Referee Dalma Magalí Cortado described in local media that Cristian Tirone, a player for the Garmenese team, began to verbally attack her after having charged her for a foul during the match against Deportivo Independencia. A police source and a sports source told CNN that Tirone was the assailant.

As the insults mount, Cortado decides to give Tirone a red card.

It is at that moment, the player hits her squarely with a closed fist but hits her with his forearm and from behind, knocking her to the ground. In the images it is seen that the woman manages to get up from her, but in moments she begins to break down and they end up transferring her to a local hospital.

Once discharged, the referee filed the criminal complaint against Tirone.

The footballer is arrested

The player is being held in a police station in De La Gama, the town where the attack occurred, located 78 kilometers from Tres Arroyos. He is incommunicado and is expected to be transferred to the Prosecutor’s Office to give his statement.

After the statement, it will be determined whether he remains or detained or not, as well as what the charges against him would be, the same police source explained to CNN.

CNN has attempted to contact Tirone through the police agency. However, so far it has not been possible.

The team and the local league issued a statement in which they expressed their solidarity with the referee and repudiated the violence of which she was a victim. In addition, they made themselves available to eradicate this type of action on the part of their players.

“The institution expresses its solidarity with the judge who was attacked, expresses its apologies, makes itself available to her and commits to continue working to eradicate violence in all its forms and train athletes with values ​​such as: discipline, camaraderie, commitment and, above all, respect and tolerance”, said the Garmense Football Board and Subcommittee in the statement.

CNN attempted to contact the Argentine Football Association for comment on what happened. However, no response has been received so far.

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