She became a woman: After losing exclusivity on Televisa, the driver leaves ‘VLA’ and returns to ‘Hoy’

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Mexico City.- A well-known actor and host, who was recently a guest on the show come the joygave them a strong blow because yesterday morning, Monday, August 1, it reappeared on the screen of Televisa since he gave an exclusive interview to the morning Today. It’s about the beloved Mexican omar chaparrowho in 2015 resigned from his exclusivity contract to try his hand at acting in America.

The native of the state of Chihuahua made his debut on the San Ángel television station in 2001 hosting the endearing program black and white which was broadcast on the Channel Telehit. Due to the great success he achieved with this project, Omar later joined other successful broadcasts such as Really, top ten, Who is the mask? but without a doubt his greatest success was joining the cast of Saturday.

Cast of ‘Sabadazo’

7 years ago, the also singer and composer left the Saturday program where he shared microphones with Laura G. Y Cecilia Galliano, to turn his career around. He decided to go to work in the neighboring country in search of new opportunities and job growth because one of his greatest dreams was to reach Hollywood: “I have always listened to my inner voice, we come knowing what we want… there was a voice that told me ‘you’re making a lot of money but you’re not happy,’ my inner child wanted more,” he told Yordi Rosado.

After losing exclusivity, Chaparro began to work with other companies such as TV starwhere currently his own show Tu-Night. In addition to the fact that he was able to visit the Ajusco television station for the first time and has been a guest on the morning VLA repeatedly. In fact, at the end of March, the driver accompanied Laura G, Anette CuburuFlor Rubio, and the rest of the cast to promote their new movie And how is he?.

Omar Chaparro in ‘VLA’

However, it is speculated that this 2022 will return through the front door to Televisa since it is said that it will lead the fourth season of Who is the mask?However, this information has not yet been confirmed. Of course, in recent days in the different company programs they have continued to talk about Omar and yesterday morning, Monday, the production of the Las Estrellas morning broadcast broadcast an exclusive interview that he gave them.

First, the driver 47 years He commented that he is extremely happy to finally have obtained an opportunity in music, because as his song is known my follies It has been very well received by the public: “After so much struggle, after insisting, it means that it has been worth it,” he expressed excitedly. Likewise, he explained that he does not seek to force any of his children to be in this environment.

While his son Emiliano confessed before the cameras of Today that he feels extremely proud to have a father like Chaparro, who is multifaceted and in addition to driving and acting very well, he also sings, in addition to the fact that we must remember that he is also known for imitating women, wearing heels, wigs and even makeup: “I am super proud, since he started he has always wanted more and now he even makes music,” said the teenager.

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