season 6 comes full circle with ‘Breaking Bad’ before the grand finale

[Este artículo incluye SPOILERS de ‘BETTER CALL SAUL’ temporada 6 episodio 11]

There are only two episodes left for the definitive end of Better Call Saul and the series seems willing to burn its last cartridges in the most forceful way possible.

The sixth season of what was born as a spin-off of breaking bad and it didn’t take long for him to claim his own place at the top of the Olympus of the series, not only next to the title from which it was born but even above it, it is developing as three things at once: the closure of Jimmy’s story / Saul (Bob Odenkirk) the final union with breaking bad and also a celebration of the strengths and achievements of each Better Call Saul.

Thus, this 13-episode season divided into two blocks featured two of its most superlative performers in the first (Rhea Seehorn Y Giancarlo Esposito) the opportunity to get behind the cameras to direct both episodes. Very good, by the way. Although without relaxing, it was time to enjoy. after that mid-season finale that left us trembling before the screen, the final batch of episodes has become truly serious; he even came back Michelle McLaren to direct an episode.

Thomas Schnauz, Vince Gilligan Y Peter Gould, whom we can consider the relentless creative trident responsible for Better Call Saul (the latter two as showrunners, with Gilligan confidently delegating the helm to Gould), they have booked writing and directing the final three episodes of the series. Third to last for Schnauz, second to last for Gilligan, last for Gould.

‘Better Call Saul’ meets ‘Breaking Bad’

Schnauz has said goodbye to the series in a position of no little privilege. His last episode already makes it clear what is going to happen from the title: Breaking Bad. It is not only a nod to the fans (something that the series has been able to handle masterfully from the beginning, without ever falling into the fan service), this episode is so titled because it comes full circle with the original series beyond the announced appearance of Bryan Cranston Y Aaron Paul retaking his papers.

The title is a reflection of the episode of Saul Goodman’s first appearance in breaking bad (the eighth of the second season, obviously titled Better Call Saul). The content, a bleak realization that Jimmy is headed for the abyss again after rekindling his taste for scams and trickster schemes in Omaha, now with the collaboration of his buddy Jeff (Pat Heally).

Still from 'Breaking Bad'

Nothing better than accompanying this dangerous turn of events with direct flashbacks to his past shared with Walter White Y Jesse Pinkman. The appearance of the protagonists of breaking bad It is as unceremonious as we could expect from someone who does things well (in the opposite direction from the rescues of their own mythology that are usually operated in other productions such as TV series). StarWars): in a scene that completes what we already knew of his first contact with Saul without adding anything else that is not relevant to Jimmy’s memory at the time.

“It wasn’t me, it was Ignacio. Did Lalo send you?” From this phrase of Saul Goodman in breaking bad the narrative architecture of Better Call Saul, so it is quite a statement of intent to start this episode from her. Only this time the spectators know very well who these Ignacio (Varga) and Lalo (Salamanca) are, already deceased. so this week Better Call Saul close the circle with breakingbad, shelve that pending task and goes on to continue his own story.

Because the episode’s tremor of emotion isn’t reserved for Walter and Jesse’s reappearance. No. That awe comes when the always lapidary Francesca (Tina Parker) he reveals to Jimmy that when Walter White’s entire operation was exposed, he received a call from Kim. So we know that Kim Wexler is alive. And that Jimmy has decided to contact her.

The clever Thomas Schnauz steals the contents of his phone call to Florida, where Kim now allegedly works. The method employed is so simple and effective (shots from outside the booth, traffic noise makes conversation inaudible, Jimmy’s nervous gesticulation is all we have) that it keeps our attention captivated for the next few episodes.

Did Jimmy talk to Kim? Couldn’t find her? Only the ill-fated telephone receiver knows what was said in that conversation that unleashed Jimmy’s anger and also his will to get back to business. Surely, with the aim that this path will lead him back to Kim. A path that, we fear, will surely not end well at all: it ends badly.

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