Salinas Pliego refused to support the American Women’s Soccer Team

Although the American Women’s Soccer Team already moved to Finland to compete in the specialty World Cup, the previous hours were of high tensionwhich led even well-known family members to demand support in unusual ways, including businessman Ricardo Salinas Pliego, who finished “bat” them.

According to the Mexican Federation of American Football, the strike that broke out in the Lufthansa company prevented them from traveling on July 27, which led to the originate an intense mobilization to find some way that will take them to the championshipalthough in the case of the TV Azteca chief, his answer was a resounding “no”.

“We are in Mexico, but, literally, we have to be tomorrow playing our first game against Great Britain. We believe that you are the only person who can help us to fly to Finland. We ask you, with all the desperation, sadness, with all the feelings, to help us please, “commented one of those selected in a video that appeared on July 30.

However, Salinas Pliego, who stands out for his frankness in networks, refused to support them and pointed directly to the government, which should be the one to find solutions, a version that was supported by Ernesto D’Alessio, who directly criticized Conade.

then put obstacles

Although he never stopped pointing fingers at the sports authorities, Salinas Pliego conditioned their free support only if they returned with first place -something even unexpected by the players-, and if they were not champions they would have to pay for the investment.

“If I help them, do they get 1st place? If they don’t win 1st place, do they pay me what I invested plus an extra 33% (with a contract signed by their parents)?“.

Fortunately for the team, the routes were found so that they could travel, although they will only have the opportunity to play two games because the championship has already started.

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