Nicolás Larcamón winks at the 4 greats of Liga MX

The Puebla Club strategist, Nicolás Larcamón has the Strip in the first places of the 2022 Opening of the MX League, his way of working and his stamp has put him in the orbit of the greats of Mexican Soccer.

Given this, Larcamón himself confessed his desire to reach Chivas, Club América, Cruz Azul or Pumas after concluding his stage with the Puebla Strip.

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“One of my dream goals is to lead without a doubt (one of the big four), I am proud to lead the club, it will be a process that is deeply rooted, but I will be very proud. I am not going to be a hypocrite, it is my dream,” he said

In the same way, the strategist of Club Puebla made it clear that he maintains his desire to be champion with Club Puebla intact and that dream becomes more and more feasible since Larcamón has taken the Liguilla to the fringe on several occasions.

“The desire to be a champion is always there, we always have that illusion of dreaming of the title. I feel that thanks to what we have done with the group of players, we have been able to consolidate a project and Puebla lives in a different time than the one it lived in past,” he concluded.

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