Neither Bremer nor Salinas, the millionaire who offers 300 million dollars to Vergara for Chivas

The millionaire who puts Vergara 300 million dollars to sell Chivas
The millionaire who puts Vergara 300 million dollars to sell Chivas

The situation of Chivas It looks chaotic and worrying, because the sports results are not given and in the administrative part the rojiblanco team is also going through complicated situations.

According to journalist Jesús Hernández, in Chivas there is no money and on many occasions the companies of the Vergara family they have had to correct the payment of the payroll of players, who have high salaries.

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* Cadena puts his resignation on Vergara’s table; Chivas would already have a new DT

* Goodbye Amaury, the woman with 700 million dollars who would take over Chivas and is not Fuentes

One of the cries of the rojiblanca fans is that Amaury Vergara sell to Chivas definitively and allow other people with more experience in the sports field to raise one of the most popular clubs in Mexico.

Vergara was offered 300 million dollars for Chivas

One of the most well-known and charismatic millionaires in Mexico, Arturo Elijah Ayubrecognizes that Chivas It is a great project and he trusts the Flock, for that reason at the time he would have offered him 300 million dollars Amaury Vergara; however, the young owner refuses to give up the equipment.

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