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The COVID-19 pandemic is nearing its third anniversary, and it seems that there was no better way to celebrate it in advance than with a spike in positive cases, especially in Japan. The news of voice actors and artists who have tested positive was the daily bread during the month of July, and recently a popular Japanese comment forum compiled all the positive cases announced during that period.

The table, whose names we will not translate, shows us the voice actors and actresses who have issued press releases reporting having tested positive for COVID-19 since April 2020and we will review how many cases occurred in each of the months:

  • April-2020: 2 cases.
  • May-2020: 0 cases.
  • June-2020: 0 cases.
  • July-2020: 0 cases.
  • August-2020: 2 cases.
  • September-2020: 0 cases.
  • October-2020: 1 case.
  • November 2020: 3 cases.
  • December-2020: 3 cases.

Certainly the year 2020 was pretty quiet, right? With just 11 positive cases announced. Although I wish it had stayed that way next year, 2021.

  • January-2021: 4 cases.
  • February-2021: 0 cases.
  • March-2021: 0 cases.
  • April-2021: 0 cases.
  • May-2021: 3 cases.
  • June-2021: 3 cases.
  • July-2021: 9 cases.
  • August-2021: 29 cases.
  • September-2021: 1 case.
  • October-2021: 0 cases.
  • November-2021: 0 cases.
  • December-2021: 0 cases.

Phew, 49 positive cases in 2021, that is, an increase of 345.45 percent. But maybe thanks to those who wrote “2022, surprise me” at the beginning of the year, this figure has only increased considerably in recent months.

  • January-2022: 20 cases.
  • February-2022: 33 cases.
  • March-2022: 18 cases.
  • April-2022: 13 cases.
  • May-2022: 7 cases.
  • June-2022: 7 cases.
  • July-2022: 71 cases.

Well, it can always be improved, although in this case we have 169 positive cases, and the year is not even over yet! Let’s hope that the figure at least slows down its rate of increase, since the pandemic could paralyze animation productions again, as happened last year.

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