Mónica Dossetti: new videos with her brother would prove their destructive relationship

Mónica Dossetti retired from the stage due to a health problem. Photo: Monica Dossetti

In case of mistreatment of Monica Dossetti It continues to give what to talk about and if days ago an image was leaked that shows how the actress who was currently looks assaulted by her brothernow some new videos would prove that her relationship with producer José Dosetti it is destructive.

At the beginning of July, a video was revealed that showed the aggression that Mónica Dossetti had suffered from her brother José. The images sparked outrage because the star of soap operas such as “El Premio Mayor” was seen as defenseless against the attacks of her brother, who allegedly had the task of taking care of her because the interpreter’s health is affected by her suffering from multiple sclerosis.

New videos of Mónica Dossetti would prove that she had a destructive relationship with her brother

After the scandal that was unleashed by the way in which Monica Dossetti was raped, the actress decided not to press charges against her brother. Weeks after her case came to light, the magazine TV Notes reported that he has new videos that would prove that there was a destructive relationship.

The post stated that the new evidence They reached their newsroom and apparently the same images are already in the hands of the authorities because José Cabello, Mónica’s neighbor, presented them during his visit to the Office of the Prosecutor for the Defense of Women.

The neighbor of the actress, who made the video of the attack public, told the magazine that he gave the evidence he had and has heard that the TV star wants to see his brother because he is going through a state of helplessness and abandonment.

About the new videos, it is known that it is heard that José tries to intimidate her by telling her about the devilto which Cabello replied that the actress’s brother “he’s been scaring her with the devil and told her that he (José) was an archangel, she gets scared and tells him that she doesn’t know the devil, and he answers: ‘I present him to you’. He also tells her that she is like this because of the “hell” of her.

In the Monica Dossetti’s first new videothe following would be heard:

  • That his brother yells at him: “I know you’re the f***ing devil. The devil has it for me, because I’m Miguel and I have a sword of fire, pen***”
  • That she scared answers yelling: “I don’t know the devil”
  • That José Dossetti continues to intimidate her: “Well, I present him to you, you have him all inside with wings, rubbing elbows pure pi ** devil. It’s what has you so screwed “

In the second video of Mónica Dossetti and her brotherhe would spend humiliating her:

  • José yells at him: “you did the bathroom and shit”
  • Monica replies: “stop pulling my braids”
  • José humiliates her: “You’re a shit but as a human being, not as a sick person. Sick people are not a c***, you were a c*** before you got sick”
  • José insists on offending her: “Stop moving the f*** mi*** You are arrogant and screwed up, I put you on Televisa… you made money for me”

The neighbor added that he knows that Monica and her brother went to Veracruz a long time ago to visit an alleged shaman named Juanita and that after a few years, the actress wants to return because she considers that they practiced witchcraft on that visit.

He regretted that José Dossetti uses a resource like the devil to scare her sister because it is also violence. The witness indicated that it is not true that he sold Monica’s videos for profit because her only interest is to help her and revealed that in the new recordings “there are very strong things.”

“I don’t know why Monica has so much codependency with someone who treats her badly”

Jose Cabello noted.

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