Karely Ruiz and her snake dress that everyone wants to wear and is worth less than 200 pesos

true to his style, Karely Ruiz showed off one of the many dresses that make her look like a princess. As in other publications on social networks, she caused her followers to have a square eye because it highlights her figure that she takes care of so much with exercise and healthy eating.

Although there are many girls just as beautiful as her in these virtual spaces, the one originally from Monterey, New Liongained a lot of popularity since he visited the actor Andrew Garcia in his house Warrior. This meeting, for her YouTube channel, was enough for the whole world to know her, added to the fact that the famous fell in the hospital a day later and everyone “blamed” her.

Karely Ruizwho originally studied the noble profession of Nursinghad to leave the race because she managed to sneak into television and although at first it did not go well, everything changed when she underwent some cosmetic surgeries, which she herself has proudly mentioned in each interview.

Things for the royal changed almost overnight, because at 21 she is one of the most recognized women as well as one of the most sought after on the OnlyFans exclusive content platform, where she assures, she is doing very well.

Karely Ruiz claimed to feel like a goddess (Photo: Instagram @karelyruiz)

Karely Ruiz and her dress for less than 200 pesos

In addition to the knights, Karely Ruiz She is frequented on her social networks by many women, who, in addition to falling in love with her, also fall in love with her outfits, which turn out to be very striking.

In the last post of Instagram The young woman modeled a snake-print dress that drove everyone crazy: “sorry for so many photos, but what a goddess I am, I accept it,” she wrote excitedly.

But where can you get a dress like the one from Karely Ruiz. In this case, there is a fairly similar model in the Shein store for the modest price of 164 pesos, which stands out for having an “open back”.

Model similar to that of Karely Ruiz (Photo: Shein)


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