Job vacancies in CDMX with salaries of up to 40 thousand pesos

As is customary, the CDMX announces the work that it offers; and now, makes available to anyone interested the job vacancies that even reach salaries up to 40 thousand pesosas corresponds to the first fortnight of the current month of August.

What job vacancies are there in CDMX?

According to National Employment Service of the CDMX and the Government of the capital, for this period there are 876 job vacancieswhich are divided into mayors of the Mexico City; thus, you must put together your CV well. All of them bring the position and the requirements that stakeholders must comply with.

Here we show you some of the job openings that there is, as well as salaries ranging from 6 thousand to 40 thousand pesos:

  • Java developer (40 thousand pesos)
  • Traffic coordinator national distribution (25 thousand pesos)
  • Income coordinator (25 thousand pesos)
  • SR accountant (20 thousand pesos)
  • Chef (12 thousand pesos)
  • Van driver (9 thousand 592 pesos)
  • Electrician technician (9 thousand 021 pesos)
  • Security guard (8 thousand 807 pesos)
  • General assistant (7 thousand 480 pesos)

If you want to know the 876 job offers that are at your disposal, click here to go to the portal of the capital authority; there, you will see in what mayors are applying and the number of plazas for a single position, among other data.

How to participate for one of the places?

If you want to apply for one of the job vacancies that are offered in the CDMXyou must follow the following Steps:

  • First, locate a vacancy
  • Then locate your town hall
  • Now, write down the ID of the job offer and register in the vacancy link
  • Finally, wait for them to contact you

It is important that you know that, to be hired in any of these job vacancies on the CDMXthe statement emphasizes that they should not ask you for a payment or bank deposit, and if they request it, you can make your complaint in the phone number 800-841-2020. All these services are free.

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